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Meade 203SC/LXD500 Telescope
The Meade 203SC/LXD500 telescope is an affordable entry into the world of astronomy. It is the ONLY 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope system available for under $900 (U.S.)!
These pages are dedicated to hints, tips, tricks, and modifications you can make to the standard 203SC/LXD500 telescope to make it easier to use, less prone to vibration, and suitable for astrophotography. If you are thinking of buying one of these telescopes, check here first for real information from real users of this scope. If you already have one, this is the place to find good information on getting the most out of your telescope. If you have tips or tricks to share with others, e-mail me so we can get your information up for others to use. I hope this site will be a valuable resource for owners and prospective owners of this telescope.

Here's to Cheap SCTs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)for New or Potential Owners
Add-on Accessories for the 203SC/LXD500: The Good and the Bad
Tips and Tricks from 203SC/LXD500 Owners (Under Construction)
Curing the Shakes -- It's the Tripod!
!NEW! The LXD500 GEM: Tear Down and Rebuild to get the most from it !NEW!
!NEW! Can I do Astrophotography with the 203SC? (Yes!)
Astrophoto Gallery -- all pictures taken with a 203SC/LXD500!(Under Construction)
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